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Local Breweries

Niagara Tours (Breweries)

Silversmith Brewing Co.

Started in 2011, Silversmith Brewing Company was the first brewery to exist in the charming town of Niagara-on-the-Lake. Crafting an award-winning Black Lager, this unique church-style brewery is a refuge for travelers and locals alike.

The Exchange Brewery

Located in Niagara-on-the-Lake’s Heritage District, The Exchange Brewery is a modern brewery that combines new and traditional equipment and techniques. By utilizing local fruits, their selection offers flavor profiles unique to Niagara – producing Belgian-style ales and lagers with sour notes.

Oast House Brewers

Known for crafting Farmhouse Ales with their signature native yeast, Oast House Brewers has been utilizing local ingredients in Niagara-on-the-Lake since 2011. Aside from proper care and ingredients, this brewery prides themselves on crafting unique flavors through lengthy secondary fermentation and aging processes.

Cold Break Brewing

Offering seasonal and signature options, Cold Break Brewing has deliciously crafted brews and bites. Local ingredients provide visitors with Ontario flavors and a neighborly community-feel.

Blackburn Brewhouse

Blackburn Brewhouse is a great modern space with a 5000+ sq. ft. taproom, unique event spaces, and live music. With carefully crafted pale ales and lagers, this brewery provides community members with crisp, local flavors and spaces to enjoy them in.

Decew Falls Brewing Co

Decew Falls Brewing Company has had close-knit relationships with local small businesses in Niagara since 2017. Their crafted jewel is Morningstar Cream Ale– a bright gold, well-balanced brew with mild malt sweetness, low herbal hops, and refreshing crisp.

Niagara College Teaching Brewery

This facility offers educational opportunities for certified brewmasters and brewery operations management, along with community engagement events providing knowledge and tastings. Its Niagara-on-the-Lake campus has various brews, tastings, and retail purchases available for both students and visitors.

Muskoka Tours (Breweries)

Canvas Brewing Co.

After opening in Huntsville, Muskoka in 2019, Canvas Brewing Company offers a taproom and event space for weddings and other gatherings. Inspired by German lagered ale, their Kolsch debut brew is a sweet and malty flavored ale paired with a crisp lager finish. They also brew a smooth-drinking Ember beer, made of red ale, with notes of toffee and caramel.

Muskoka Brewery

With over 130 beers to choose from, the Muskoka Brewery is a beer lovers dream. Perched up right in the heart of Muskoka, their handcrafted beers have brought the community closer together. Starting off back in June of 1996, they are coming up on 27 years strong as a staple in their neighborhood. At Muskoka Brewery, you can taste the passion they put into their handcrafted brews in every sip.

Lake of Bays Brewing Co.

For the last 13 years, Lake of Bays Brewing Company has been a pillar in Ontario’s community of craft beer lovers. They offer rotating lineups, seasonal releases, and a signature barrel-aged series. Aside from brewing, this space also offers seasonal music festivals, virtual meetups, and themed events (i.e. Oktoberfest).

Muskoka Beer Spa

Whether it’s for the weekend or just the day, Muskoka Beer Spa offers guests a chance to enjoy delicious brews and relaxing amenities. Featuring locally sourced food, a beer garden, and a gorgeous spa with a pool, hot tubs, steam room, and saunas.

London Tours (Breweries)


With a variety of fresh craft beer to choose from, Beerlab! offers unique Coffee Stouts, refreshing Lagers, and complex IPAs. A local community hub for beer lovers, this taproom is also known for their hosted brew fests, comedy shows, and industry nights.

Toboggan Brewing Co.

Featuring an immense selection of drinks and food, Toboggan Brewing Company is committed to providing local ingredients, craft brews, and a welcoming atmosphere. With an emphasis on small batches to ensure quality, this brewery has unique flagship selections and once-in-a-lifetime seasonal options.

Anderson Craft Ales

Family owned and operated, Anderson Craft Ales was curated in 2005 out of a passion for brewing. This brewery integrates Canadian-grown barley with North American hops to create bold flavor profiles and versatile pairings.

London Brewing Coop

Serving locally-sourced food and crafted beer, London Brewing Cooperative is renowned for their organic ingredients and communal support. Highlighting flavorful and fresh beverages, they offer over 35 beer, cider and spirits, and non-alcoholic options to choose from.

Guelph Tours (Breweries)

Wellington Brewery

Serving the local Guelph community since 1985, Wellington Brewery prides themselves on producing award-winning beers while implementing sustainable practices. The focused combination of quality control and environmental impact allows this brewery to provide guests with amazing tastings and fundraise for community support.

Royal City Brewing Co.

Pouring a variety of fresh beers daily, Royal City Brewing Company offers the neighborhood a space to enjoy refreshing beverages and community events. Venture to either the Beer Hall or Bottle Shop for available tastings and retail purchases.

Fixed Gear Brewing Co.

With a diverse selection of beers on tap, Fixed Gear Brewing Company offers three local Guelph locations to choose from: Canteen. Alma St., and Elmira Rd. Loved unanimously by cyclists, this community taproom offers non-alcoholic beer and seltzers, weekly poured batches, as well as bingo and comedy events.

Brothers Brewing Co.

Functioning as a brewery, bar, bottle shop, and community hub, Brothers Brewing Company provides a plethora of beer, food, and events. Home to 12 taps of crafted beer, group workshops, pop-up events, and local music and entertainment, this communal space is for both nourishment and fun.

Hamilton (Breweries)

Collective Arts

Utilized for craft brewing and art exploration, Collective Arts is a shared community space that combines the beauty of both for your enjoyment. From producing house crafted beers in the brewery to selling packs with unique art-curated labels in the storefront, their incorporation of both passions allows for guests to experience the flavors and stories within.

Clifford Brewing

From humble beginnings in 2015, Clifford Brewing Company has continued to perfect their craft– winning Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals in the 2016 Canadian Brewing Awards for their Porters, Lager, and Golden Ale. Known as 2019’s Canadian Brewery of the Year, they’ve grown to become a pillar in the local East Hamilton community; offering 12 taps, private events, and live music.

Merit Brewing

Rooted in community, Merit Brewing’s purpose is to bring people together through the shared love of beer and food. Their brewery produces numerous flavors– ranging from classic and simple to uniquely inspiring and complex. Through the mix of tradition and experimentation, they include specific processes and various 5th ingredients to create purposeful combinations.