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Eco-Beverage Day Tour

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Explore Niagara

Walk along the top of the Niagara Escarpment through old-growth forest with excellent wildlife sighting opportunities. Stunning views include the canopy, Niagara farmland, and even the Toronto skyline on a clear day. The forest glows a heavy orange in the last half an hour of the hike – prepare to be wowed. Great for photo enthusiasts and beginner hikers. This is also an excellent option for new hikers, parents with young kids, or those who want to take it easy!

Owen will create an extra emphasis on how the escarpment works with Lake Ontario to help grow the amazing things that are in your beverages.

After the hike , Niagara Craft Brewery Tours will be back to pick you up and off you go to Ironwood Cider. At Ironwood Cider you will indulge in their world class Fruit Wine & Cider and take a tour of their facility before you order a delicious lunch off their fantastic menu. Lunch orders are optional and not included in the price.

Next your group will be whisked off by your driver to Oast House Brewers. Here, you will sample some of Oast’s greatest creations. You will see just why Oast has some of the most unique and original craft beers in all of Ontario.


  • Safe and easy hike, very relaxing
  • This hike can be booked for any other hour of the day as well.
  • Adjacent to several scenic hot spots along the Niagara Parkway
  • Many large and interesting trees, especially maples, oaks, and sassafras